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MSREA Services

Asset Property Management Services

Client Relations: The most important function of MSREA is maintaining the best possible relationship with our Clients. We have ongoing communication and hold regular meetings with Client’s representatives. We ensure that all required reports are presented in a timely fashion, and that all data is provided in the Client’s required format. Feedback from our Clients is encouraged, as this is one of the ways that we can improve and continue to provide the highest levels of service.

Leasing: MSREA will establish a collaborative working relationship with your designated leasing brokers. We will emphasize the need to “partner” together to accomplish ownership’s goals and objectives for each property.

Construction Management: MSREA will provide assistance with construction management services for tenant improvements and major capital and repair projects. This function will be a collaborative effort between construction management, property management, and the leasing brokers. Services performed include document review, budget management, scheduling, on-site representation and project close-out. We will coordinate this process to ensure that ownership’s goals and objectives are met.

Property Management: MSREA will focus on property appearance and cleanliness; security and fire/life safety programs; Tenant Relations; lease and service contract administration; budgeting and expense reconciliation; and staffing.

Financial Management: An essential component of successful asset/property management is superior accounting and reporting systems. MSREA’s commitment to processes and controls ensure not only timely reporting of accurate information, but appropriate controls of the money and accounts entrusted to us.

Engineering / Project Maintenance: MSREA places as much relative emphasis on the engineering positions as it does on the Property Manager’s. We look for people whose skills exceed basic operating competence and include a real comprehension of the impact their performance has upon the asset. Our engineers are essential in designing, implementing and maintaining fundamental energy control procedures and preventative maintenance systems. Moreover, they are expected to deliver a high level of engineering and maintenance services with minimal reliance upon outside contract services. The MSREA Management Team provides critical construction coordination services with Client’s contractors, tenant improvement contractors, etc. to ensure that the property’s structural, mechanical and other building system’s integrity is maintained.

Due Diligence: MSREA’s extensive experience allows us to offer due diligence services which include, tenant lease review, analyses of staffing and vendor contracts, preparation of “proforma” operating budgets, assessment of operating costs with recovery and escalation review, and general property operations reviews.