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Main Street Real Estate Advisors (“MSREA”)

Founded in 2004, MSREA currently has a portfolio under management consisting of approximately 5 million square feet of Class A office, retail and mixed-use projects and property/condo owner associations.

MSREA is directed by Michael Mathews, President, who is responsible for developing and executing a business plan that is designed to achieve the goals and objectives of our Clients. One of the keys to creating and maintaining a premier property management services company is to recruit, lead, guide, and direct the best possible “Team” of individuals with the very best talents and capabilities of performing at the highest level of service. This requires looking beyond an individual’s general operational skills and experience and seeking those individuals that will be a strong contributor to the “Team”.

All “Team” members must have a passion for performing their duties and an understanding of the linkage between their duties and the day-to-day operations of the property, and the impact all of this has in achieving our Client’s goals and objectives. The next step to success is to give the “Team” the tools, resources, direction, support and then let them perform.