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Mission Statement

The Mission of Main Street Real Estate Advisors (“MSREA”)

The Mission of MSREA is to be the premier local provider of property management services to owners of institutional caliber commercial properties in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

Our strategy is to build and maintain a “Team” of individuals with the very best talents and capabilities, giving them the tools, resources, direction, and support to perform at the highest possible levels of service for our Clients, Tenants and Customers.

By “empowering” Team members to “think outside the box”, MSREA will develop a corporate culture characterized by high intelligence and loyalty, a culture that is Client-oriented and success driven.

At all times MSREA and its Team members will operate with the highest level of personal and professional integrity and ethical conduct in dealing with our relationships with our Clients, our Vendors, our Team, and our peers in the commercial real estate industry and our local communities. These are our guiding management philosophies.

Together the MSREA Team will continue to provide timely and detail-driven results with a view to the long-term consequences and the effect on the bottom line to preserve and enhance the value of the assets that we have been entrusted to manage for our Clients.